Starting From Scratch

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First you need to carefully choose a Website Domain.

If you are unsure where to get a Domain, try searching Google for the keyphrase ‘web hosting’, you will find listed in the search results dozens of domain and hosting providers.

The domain provider will provide a domain search enter your domain with a relevant extension (.com is the most popular and is used for US and global traffic, but if your blog is local you might want to try a country specific domain extension, there are also extensions to suit various categories of websites).

You may find your domain name is already owned by some one, with over a billion domains so far purchased, all the main single word domains are already taken, you won’t find but adding words together can help, so is free to buy. It is worth spending some time choosing a domain, you ideally want it short and easy to remember and easy to type and relevant and compelling.

Next install WordPress

There are many blogging platforms but this covers the most popular and versatile WordPress.

Most web providers will either install WP for you or provide a ‘1-click ‘ installation tool in your web hosting account. With the tool all you need do is supply a username, password and email address and click the install button, and all the software is loaded and the databases created, it takes about a minute at which point you will have a fresh site. You can then start work on your site and importantly beginning blogging your first post.  To access your website simply type your domain address in your browser and click the ‘login’ link then enter your username and password (that you specified at installation).

Need Help?

If you need assistance we can offer everything you need to get started, and to keep going! We can even make your site look nice, add new non-standard features (almost anything is possible with the vast suite of plugins available), and do maintenance tasks like backups so you can get on with what Blogging is all about ie posting great blog posts and not be overladen with all the the hidden web work!

Start building your blog For Free

We offer 2 months free hosting for your blog, all you need to do is join as a member and be active ie use our forums etc, and at any time you can upgrade with your own domain. We can help as much as you like, whether you need help installing our advice on how to progress on functionality.

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