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What’s Available?

Members can get free unlimited help from our forum… we can even arrange with our partners  free hosting for a full 2 months at any time they can purchase their own domain or even walk away, there is no commitment just happy bloggers).

We have an on-going commitment to placing everything at your fingertips from technical support to a growing repository of informative articles.

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Why Blog?

Blogging is one of the fastest growing internet pursuits lagging just behind social media, millions of bloggers are finding that creating a blog is a highly effective and relatively effortless way to communicate their ideas whether it be private hobbies, pastimes or business related, unlike social media the ideas can be found not just by family and friends but potentially millions of internet users. Many find a blog is complementary to other online channels, it is even possible to integrate all channels together so that a blogger can post to all channels simultaneously.

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress on all our network of sites, it is the most popular and most versatile blogging platform in the world, regularly updated with new plugins, used by millions of bloggers throughout the world. WordPress takes the effort out of maintaining your site, simply log on and use the easy to use editor and press post and voila! The world can instantly see your new post on your website, it’s as simple as that!

A WordPress driven site can be more than a simple blog of mere text and images, though this is the best way to start out (always start easy!). You can later add on various plugins to enable your site to do just about do anything you can think of, so if you want to sell products and services or countless other things it is usually possible, but start easy with a ‘contact me’ form and and ‘about us’ page and work up from there (it doesn’t stop you planning in advance, it is always a good idea to have a full project plan before you even take the first step of choosing a domain).

Why a Domain?

Some web providers provide blogs often hosted along with potentially thousands of other blogs all on their single domain, it gets a bit crowded the only advantage is it may be free. By having your own domain and associated email addresses reflecting your brand or business offering it will mean your blog is much more appealing and professional. Visitors to your blog will take you more seriously, and even the search engines will probably like your site more.